Talent is rising in impact and importance and so too is the need for specialised talent. 60 Degrees help, advise, guide, steer and lead our candidates and clients in the right direction, challenging market wisdom and embracing innovation. As a client, we are focused on what your business needs. We believe in the power of people to bring value to your business

Our Expertise

We are versatile WHEN IT comes to who we work with

We not only work with publicly listed and private partnerships, but we also have significant experience working with start-up businesses and high growth SMEs. We’re used to sourcing candidates for these businesses and providing recruiting and sourcing packages that suit your requirements and budget. We’ll also help you in structuring financial packages accordingly.

60 Degrees specialists leverage out talent acquisition expertise

We’re a team of experienced talent acquisition and resourcing experts who have worked both agency and client side and understand that in a crowded market place, knowledge and advice will make the difference. We know what it means to be a client and are, therefore, in a unique position to provide you with transparent advice and insight to support your hiring process. We’ve had the privilege of working with aspirational, engaging and ambitious clients in a range of companies throughout the UK, the Middle East and Africa.


What We Recruit For

We recruit executive positions, permanent mid-market professionals, contractors and interims across four key skills sets.

Our focus on skills as opposed to industries

We recognise that certain skills are in high demand across all the clients that we work with, and the wider market, and we’ve chosen to focus on areas that we see as key differentiators for you.  Rather than job types or industries, we focus on four skillsets that play a pivotal part in shaping successful businesses today. These include:

Our Skills Niche

Talent Acquisition and Resourcing

Including recruiters and resourcing professionals for in house and RPOs, project roles, graduate recruitment positions and scheduling. We know that these individuals are critical to the success of a business and we have a unique understanding of their importance.

Consulting AND Change

Including programme management, change management, operations consulting, strategy consulting, technology consulting, human capital management, digital transformation and financial services consulting. We recognise that businesses go through continual change and transformation to stay ahead of the game and it is important to have the right people working with you to support this evolution.

Sales, Marketing and Insights

Including marketing (agency and client side), research, PR, comms, business development, sales and account management. These roles drive business performance through sales revenue, the power of brand and contextualising your business into wider external market and economic movements. We understand the importance of having great people in these roles.

Technology and Digital

Including project managers, business analysts, developers, UX, e-commerce, creative. The world continues to go through a technology revolution and we want to be at the forefront of this with you, providing you with individuals that can propel your business forward.

How we work for you

You are the heart of our business

Whether a candidate or a client, we would not be in business without you. We recognise we need clients and candidates to make our business work: we treat both with equal importance and don’t take shortcuts.

As a client, we have an obligation to find you a person who will unlock enterprise value but who will also be the best fit for your business. We also have an obligation to advise you and ensure we highlight potential development opportunities for each candidate to ensure you have a plan in place to make them a success. We use our own methodology to assess candidate strengths and development areas to support you with the backbone of a development plan and ensure all parties are entering into the career partnership with their eyes wide open.

talent will drive and grow your business agenda

We are strong proponents of talent and what it means to an organisation. People are every business’ best asset and through them, companies create value. That is why we support you in delivering top talent in a timely and cost effective manner, whilst also understanding the importance of candidates who can deliver and are the right fit for your business

Referrals power our business

We are extremely lucky to have a strong referral culture across both our candidate and client base, in part due to our approach to the work we do, which allows us to develop relationships and provide support quickly