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Talent is rising in impact and importance and so too is the need for specialised talent. 60 Degrees help, advise, guide, steer and lead our candidates and clients in the right direction, challenging market wisdom and embracing innovation. As a candidate, we are focused on your career aspirations and support you in whatever way we can to help you achieve these.

aspirations and support

We advise all our candidates to ensure we maximise their potential with a future employer. We help you prepare for an interview, presentation or business case and provide you with the expertise you need to support you in the interview process. However, if we can’t find you the right role, we’ll provide you with the advice to support your transition into your next role.

Whether you are starting out in your first role or are a seasoned executive, making a career move is a life changing decision. At 60 Degrees, we recognise the impact this decision can make and have a team of experts who constantly keep up to date with the latest market trends, hiring strategies, and methods of gaining visibility in the market.

The British Parachute Regiment’s motto, Utrinque Paratus (“Ready for Anything”) holds true to the belief that preparation and planning is vital for their global operations success. A lesson can be learnt from this approach when it comes to our daily lives, but also when preparing for an interview.

We have coached interviewees across all levels, from students approaching their first ever interview, to industry leaders meeting with board panels of FTSE 100 organisations. Preparation is always a determining factor.

As we step into the 4th Industrial Revolution, borders continue to shrink and the opportunity to explore careers abroad are becoming increasingly more frequent as a result of globalisation. 60 Degrees has partnered with several organisations in attracting global talent and have assisted candidates in making informed decisions when considering cross-border moves.

There are a number of factors to consider when making a career move. These include:

  • What path will a move put you on?
  • When is the best time to move?
  • Which industries / companies / types of organisation will best meet your career ambition?
  • What makes an organisation stand out from its competitors?
  • Which industry leaders share a similar vision to you?

Through keeping a close eye on both local and global trends, our teams are equipped to give our candidates valuable insights that will assist them in making informed decisions that will contribute to career success.

Building a personal brand as a candidate in the market not only assists in gaining visibility, but also plays a vital role in landing an interview and ultimately an offer. At 60 Degrees, we believe in a holistic approach to assisting our candidates and are always willing to assist our candidates in developing their brand from CV reviews to social media.

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